May 21 2010

What is Known about Wine Distilled Liquors?

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spirits_3aDistillation is an old procedure with the help of which people make alcohol. Heat is an obligatory thing, which is used for separating the ingredients of a liquid or mash, and then the process of vaporization also takes place.

Today we are going to introduce the most well-known wine distilled liquors made all over the world.


Armagnac is a dry, pale yellow, fiery brandy distilled in the French district of Gers. According to the French law only sorts of white grapes can be distilled for this alcohol drink. The distillation begins from October to April at once after the grape harvest. There are some distinctive features among cognac and armagnac, its “younger cousin”: the last one is a drink, which as usual has only one distillation from wine. But recently the French legislation allowed double distillation and the process of maturation has become faster.

Pay your attention on the label of a bottle. If there are 3 stars, it means that this drink has had two years’ maturation; V.S.O.R – five years’ maturation; Hors d’Age – 10 years’ maturation in oak barrels.


Cognac has originated from areas in western France. According to the law the cognac can be produced only from special white grapes, which are grown on the particular areas and places in France.

The production of a cognac has its strict order and compliance with the old traditions and laws. So all types of brandy have a double distillation from wine and then during two years are matured in oak barrels to become brown in a color.

Tree stars or VS. on the label is a sign that the cognac has been matured during 2 years; V.V.S.O.P and Grande Reserve – 5 years in oak barrels and Extra, Napoleon, Vieille Reserve – 6 – 10 years’ maturation.


Grappa is an Italian spirit distilled from the fermented remains of grapes after pressing. Grappa produced from white wine has a fiery and dry flavor, but when it produced from red wine it has a richer flavor. In spite of grappa is world-famous as an Italian spirit, we can find its versions in other countries, for example, in France.


In the middle of the thirteenth century brandy was discovered in France as an effort to make a drink for using in medical aims. Now brandy is popular alcohol drink in the whole world, where grapes are grown. You can get colorless, clear alcohol after double distillation, but with the years’ maturation in oak barrels brandy becomes brown in a color and has a strong, rich flavor. The age of brandy defines its flavor. Brandy is the most favorite drink in the United States.


Weinbrand is a German grape brandy distilled with the usage of different wines from other countries, but according to the law the final product must be the German one. Weinbrand translates as burned wine. After distillation weinbrand should be matured for half a year in oak barrels and be cellared during one year at the minimum.

Weinbrand is also twice distilled as well as cognac. The most important thing is that weinbrand is usually served no warmer temperature than the room one.

Wine is always considered as one of the most delicious alcohol drinks, so the variety of wine distilled liquors also excites people’s minds. We hope you will find something special to your taste among them.  Tasty wine sampling!

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