Mar 12 2010

What do you know about Mulled Wine?

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mulledwinePerhaps you have heard about such an interesting sort of tasting wine which is called mulled wine. In this column we will tell you about when and where it is good to taste it and tell you one of the best recipes of it.

When it is cold in the street and you feel so comfortable sitting near your fireplace or wrapped in a warm blanket at home there is nothing more delicious and great than to taste some mulled wine. This type of wine is used by people for centuries to feel themselves warm, it is like a brilliant alternative to such warm drinks as coffee, hot chocolate and tea, also you can apply it if you want to organize a party and haven’t obtain any thoughts what drink to serve there. People use this drink like a treatment to prevent catching a cold in such chilly winter weather.

If you want to taste mulled wine then prepare to feel something warm, spicy and sweet. Here we place a mulled wine recipe for you, so you will have an opportunity to try it!

Time for cooking this fabulous kind of wine varies, but for the wine technology we have prepared you will need 25 minutes. For this drink is better to choose red types of wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel or Merlot, be ready that you need to have 750 mL of them. Then you need to have one orange which was preliminarily peeled, keep the peel of an orange, because lately we will use it to bring some more aroma to our mulled wine. Then you will need such ingredients as: brandy, cloves, honey, sugar, cinnamon sticks, ginger or allspice and serves. All these ingredients you will add to your future mulled wine, now let’s us tell about the number of all ingredients we have counted. So you will need approximately ¼ of a brandy cup, then from 8 to 10 cloves everything depends on your taste, if you will use honey then prepare 2/3 of a cup, if you use sugar then listen to your taste; you need 3 stick of cinnamon; as for amount of ginger if you want to take fresh take 1 tsp as for ground type, take 2 tsp and finally serves – remember that you need from 4 to 6 serves.

To make mulled wine you need to mix all elements in a big pot and put this pot on a slow fire. Watch it and avoid it from boiling, because in that case its taste won’t be so delicious. But also watch for the moment when sugar or honey will be dissolved. When you see that you wine starts to steam then you should know that this is the moment when you need to serve it. Pour it into cups and enjoy it!

Of course there are other good recipes of cooking mulled wine. You can search for them in the Internet or ask for them your friends, because we are sure they won’t tell something bad to you only things they have tried themselves.

As you can see if you want to prepare for yourself one cup of wine you will need for this less then 5 minutes, also it is explained by the fact that boiling temperature for wine is very low. So add some ginger or allspice, cloves, some brandy for aroma, a little honey and a slice of an orange and you will get your cup of mulled wine, enjoy tasting!

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