May 28 2010

Some History of Wines

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p301206-7Wine is a combination of wild sorts of grapes, rice and various kinds of barm without adding sugar, ferments and lactic acids. “Wine” is a Latin word by birth, which is derived from Indo-European countries.  Wine has such a composition: it mostly consists of water, but wine also includes the great amount of acids like ethyl acid, lactic acids, some useful minerals such as potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin P and others.

Mostly wines are categorized into two types, depending on the basic product:
- vegetable wine (the products are barley, wheat);
- fruit wine (the products are berries, apple).

At around 6000 BC to 5000 BC the making of wines was discovered in Iraq and Georgia’s places. The same traces of wines were noticed in ancient Europe and Greece.

In North East areas the cultivation of different wines was begun at around 3000 BC. Firstly the cultivation of white and red wines, as they are called today, began in Egypt, however wide-ranging cultivation of wines started in Rome, where it was considered that the best productions of wines were produced. They offered a lot of various delightful flavors of wines.

One of the most popular kinds of wines is dry wine. Dry wine is called in such a way, because during fermentation the sugar transforms into alcohol and as a result the toxic alcohol kills the barm. Mostly wines are made from the delicious grape sorts well-known as Vitis vinifera.

In general, there are many kinds of wines: red wine, white wine, rose wine and a lot of others. Wines can be distinguished according to an amount of sugar which is used and according to required time for the process of fermentation.

Some kinds of wines:

- Vintage wines. This type of wine is mostly produced in the USA during the whole year. For producing vintage wine it is necessary to use about 95% of the volume of grapes.

- Non vintage wines, which are made from vintage wines itself. 50% of the grapes, which are used, must be produced in the same year.

-  Red wines. These wines are made from black grapes and have a red color. This type of wine is highly appreciated because of its useful properties for people’s health. Red wine staves off cancer and heart diseases.

- White wines. They are made from white grapes and mostly their color is pale yellow one.

- Organic wines. They are produced from such sorts of grapes, which were grown without the use of any pesticides and fertilizers. They are not hurtful for health, but are used in medical aims to cure some diseases.

Fortified wine can be produced by adding an alcohol in wine, flavor of which depends on the drinker’s taste.

The most expensive wines are vintage wines, which can cost thousands of dollars per bottle. The names of the expensive wines are Cult Bordeaux and Bordeaux wines. The largest producers of wines are France and Italy.

Wine is a well-known drink, which is also often used as a flavoring additive in a food. Wine has a good influence on cardiovascular problems. Wines are also used for religious or ritual aims.

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