Jun 25 2010

Main Conditions For Wine Storage

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wine storageHave you ever thought where the word “wino” came from? It is an abusive word that refers to the Victorian Era and has a meaning which is close to a poor drunkard. At that time wine’s price was cheap and it was considered as a drink for poor men, that’s why “wino” also refers to a drunk poor man.

But during the last decade wine has become one of the most trendy drink that wine connoisseurs are standard at the most expensive restaurants. Besides wine is also a great investment, so for protecting ones investment wine storage has become a large business used by many devotees of wine.
As a rule wine storing is used by a great number of wine connoisseurs, investors, restaurateurs or anyone who just enjoys a good bottle of wine. By the reason of the most restaurants don’t have a special storage space for proper wine storing facilities, the owners of restaurants use wine storing at a self storage business for wine preservation. Wine connoisseurs know the value of a really good bottle of wine. Experts say to care for each bottle of wine to keep the wine’s body and the wine’s bouquet in the future. That’s why wine storage is recommended. It is known that wine becomes better with age as well as the cost of wines. Wine investors are well informed about this. Moreover they also know how to defend their investment using a wine storage. In general, you must not be a wine guru to use a wine storage. Anyone who has small or big wine collection is able to use a wine storage. If you have a party or occasion, you are in need of a wine storage as a temporary place for keeping some wine bottles on that day. Keep in mind that it is available to order wine for every wine layman and it will be delivered to the wine storage business.
In fact, there is a difference between wine storing at home and wine storage business. Wine storage is invented specially for wine. As a rule every tenants wine storage unit is locked in personal vaults. Wine storage has its special climate which is controlled at 55 degrees Fahrenheit and low light exposure. The humidity must be 60 percent. So these are the best conditions to keep wines for getting perfect ones as a result. In contrast to whisky and vodka, wine is a perishable product, so you need to keep it with a great care. It is because there is a low level of alcohol in wine to keep it perfectly preserved.

So you have already understood that wine becomes better with the age, that’s why your wine storage should be properly prepared first of all. Remember also that all wines which reach maturity point then begin to deteriorate. But if you follow all the rules of a proper wine storage, it will be much longer. In case you purchased a bottle of Chteau La Mondotte Saint-Emilion 1996, you must have spent around $608. Or for example, you want to get a bottle of Dom. Romane Conti 1997, the value of which is over $1,540. Do you agree that you need a lot of money for getting a good bottle of wine? So to save your money it will be better to defend your investment and use a wine storage unit closely to yours.

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