Jul 02 2010

Legends Of Sparkling Wines

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Sparkling_WineSparkling wine is called sparkling by the reason of its sweet, tasty little effervescence bubbles which are made with the help of a trapping carbon dioxide. Mostly people prefer to use sparkling wines for some special celebrations and events. The delightful flavor and texture can be hardly described to those people who has never enjoyed of tasting.

When you open a bottle of sparkling wine, you feel the carbon dioxide aroma in the air at once. Sparkling wine is a real festival for all of your feelings and emotions and may instantly create joyful atmosphere of any occasion.

Dom Perignon, a monk in the Champagne region, was the first man who discovered sparkling wine in France. There are some variants according to this story, but the most truthful is that he suddenly stumbled upon champagne during performing his duties in the Benedictine Abbey. Firstly Dom Perignon’s sparkling wine wasn’t famous, but then its popularity grew over the years and now it is considered as multi-billion dollar business. Not long after Dom became the main wine-maker at the abbey and tried to perfect the champagne fermenting process during all his life till his death in 1715. When the French people and others tasted the delightful sparkling wine, they immediately became the real connoisseurs of this wine. Since that a lot of different legends appeared.

For making a sparkling wine Dom used a special formula and techniques, which then became well-known and traditional way of producing Champagne, called Methode Champenoise and includes a second fermentation process in a bottle. This process is widely used in the whole world, making the best sparkling wines. Even if they can be produced in different locations, people consider the best place for their making is the Champagne region of France – the initial birthplace and the first starting and introduction to the world. There is a great amount of fabulous sparkling wines which come from that place at surprisingly reasonable prices. In case you have never tasted a sparkling wine, you should choose a higher quality or a sample of the original Dom Perignon to enjoy. Purchase to the higher standard at a cost that you may afford, because the quality depends on it.

Nowadays sparkling wines, which are usually called bubbly wines, are the necessary ingredients for all occasions and festivals. With the most occasions sparkling wine is the only one selection according to a special celebration. There exist many wine makers that produce high quality sparkling wines, but a lot of people are constant fans of the best Dom Perignon. Despite of the future of wine will have sparkling wines will always be a proper choice. This wine remains the one that marks all feasts and helps occasions come to life. From its delicious and unique flavor to its wonderful look and appetizing aroma, sparkling wine possesses appeal and taste to keep people celebrating and enjoying life at the moment and for future generations.

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