Sep 11 2009

Classification system of Riesling Wine

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rieslingRiesling wine is traditionally made in Germany it is well known for incredible taste and also for very difficult label that contains large amount of words and transforms the process of choice in a huge puzzle. This article will help you to minimalize the process of identification about what they wanted to say by writing this on the bottle due to learning few basic terms and regions where they grow grapes for this wonderful wine.

Riesling wine label system starts with simple table wine called “Tafelwein” and goes over 5 main wine types according to “Qualitätsweine mit Prädikat” that means “Quality wine standarts”. This classification helps to divide all Riesling wines in to 5 basic designations. For the main feature separating German wines is taken the ripeness of the grapes.

The maturity show us the level of sugar that was in grapes when we gathered it, of cause it won’t tell us what’s the final level in the bottle. Meet next official names of German wines according to the maturity level of picked grapes.

First type with minimal ripeness level is called Kabinett and it is the lightest mark of this kind of wine. Kabinett is a dry wine with low alcohol level. It can be paired mostly with all kinds of food but unbelievable taste you will feel if you pair it with seafood or cheese.

Second type of german riesling wine is produced from grapes that are gathered late the name of this type is Spätlese. The main characteristics of Spätlese are intensive aroma, medium alcohol level, dry or sweet taste depending on the wine producers. Sweet Spätlese wines your can enjoy with Mexican food, as for dry types mix them with some fatty food such as pork, poultry maybe some sauces but certainly creamy ones.

Third type is made from special group of grapes is known as Auslese Riesling wine.  It’s like the previous type can be sweet or dry. If it is made in sweet type it can be called desert kind of wine.  But most part of Auslese Riesling wines is dry.

The next type is amazing german desert wine called Beerenauslese. It is notorious for being luxurious pair for all desserts especially that based on peachy or caramel tastes.

The last type of German Riesling wine is Trockenbeerenauslese that is made from late selection of dry grapes with maximum sugar level in berries. Beautiful combination it will create with fruit deserts, mold cheese and with something that has sweet taste.

Also there is wine that doesn’t consist in classification by maturity of grapes it is called Eiswein that made from very concentrated sorts of berries cause for unique technology of wine making they need to be frozen. Eiswein wine has extremely full taste of dessert wine.

Also remember some more terms you can see on the bottle:

1)     “Trocken” means the wine is dry;

2)     “Halbtrocken” bravely take it if you want semidry wine;

3)     Remember that if you are searching for something sweet pay your attention to  Kabinett, Spatlese, Auslese, Beernauslese or Trockenbeerenauslese types of Riesling wine.

Don’t forget our recommendations and enjoy wining!

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