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Jan 06 2010

Barossa Valley – noble Australian wine region

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Without a doubt this is the only wine region people can name you if you ask them: “What do you know about wining in Australia?” And be sure that if they won’t mention even this region they know nothing about wine at all. There well-known Australian wine producers grow their grapes – among them we [...]

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Dec 30 2009

Greatest Australian Wineries

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Every country is proud of its greatest wine regions, wines and of cause of wineries where these wines are produced. Today we will have a talk about Australian wine regions and name their greatest wineries. As we have discovered in the previous article first grapes was brought to Australia from France and also we know [...]

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Dec 25 2009

“Shiraz” – the best example of Australian wine traditions

Practically on all continents we discovered some wine regions, so today it is high time for us to meet Australia continent. And let us begin our discussion with outstanding Australian wine style that is called Shiraz. This kind of wine has its own traditions and technique of wine making. Experts suppose that it is better [...]

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Jul 30 2009

A few facts from the wine’s history

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- In Australia wine was developed in a box only in the 70s. The wine is tightly corked up in the barrels no to let air come in. That meant the duration of the wine’s keeping increased. – In the production of the wine barrels only 20 kinds of oak can be used among 400 [...]

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