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Mar 05 2010

Music for Wine

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We know that the audience of our site consists predominantly of wine lovers. So we are sure you are always happy to learn something new from the fabulous world of wine. Today we will talk about the influence of music on wine, intrigued? Then be the first who will discover it. In 1999 in such [...]

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Feb 12 2010

Wine in the history of the USA

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We are sure that all of our readers have heard about legendary Boston Tea Party, but do you know anything about Madeira Party, which was held some years before it? No, then this article will be interesting for you. Today we will tell you about American presidents and their favorite wine kinds, let us detect [...]

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Dec 25 2009

“Shiraz” – the best example of Australian wine traditions

Practically on all continents we discovered some wine regions, so today it is high time for us to meet Australia continent. And let us begin our discussion with outstanding Australian wine style that is called Shiraz. This kind of wine has its own traditions and technique of wine making. Experts suppose that it is better [...]

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