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May 28 2010

Some History of Wines

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Wine is a combination of wild sorts of grapes, rice and various kinds of barm without adding sugar, ferments and lactic acids. “Wine” is a Latin word by birth, which is derived from Indo-European countries.  Wine has such a composition: it mostly consists of water, but wine also includes the great amount of acids like [...]

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May 21 2010

What is Known about Wine Distilled Liquors?

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Distillation is an old procedure with the help of which people make alcohol. Heat is an obligatory thing, which is used for separating the ingredients of a liquid or mash, and then the process of vaporization also takes place. Today we are going to introduce the most well-known wine distilled liquors made all over the [...]

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May 07 2010

Wine is a symbol of love and passion

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Wine appeared about 6000 years ago and has become a symbol of many things. All the time wine and bread are used symbolically as remembrance of Holy Christ in churches. Drinking wine at dinner creates special warm atmosphere among people gathered at table and reflects their feelings and emotions to each other. Wine differs from [...]

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