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Apr 27 2010

The procedure of winemaking at home

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If you can’t imagine any occasion without  wine and consider the choice of wine as a special ritual, giving more preferences, first of all, to a delightful flavor, so you are a real wine connoisseur. But have you ever thought about making your own wine? Have you had an idea of making wine specially for [...]

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Apr 14 2010

To order wine in a restaurant is an art

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When you have a special event or occasion, it will be a great idea to invite people in the best restaurant for having a dinner or supper. Everything must be prepared on a high level. So think over the food menu previously. No less important is the choice of a drink. As a rule it [...]

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Apr 06 2010

Tips on combining wines with different dishes

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Wine gathers today a great amount of people who really appreciate its delicious and so extraordinary flavor. Wine beverage extends nowadays its boundaries due to the growing number of wines consumers and real lovers. This special drink finds its place in cooking also.

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