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Feb 26 2010

The art of choosing a Wine Glass for Wine

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We are sure you have heard that there are several types of wine glasses and we are very happy for you if you can choose a right glass for a right kind of wine because it can make the process of drinking wine more delicious and pleasant. But if you don’t know anything about different [...]

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Feb 20 2010

The first mentions about wine

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Today we will tell you about the first mentions about wine in our history, you will read about different myths and legends, full of true and imaginary facts. But who will tell you directly how it was? We can only guess how it was indeed and admire this awesome drink. Wine in ancient times… Due [...]

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Feb 12 2010

Wine in the history of the USA

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We are sure that all of our readers have heard about legendary Boston Tea Party, but do you know anything about Madeira Party, which was held some years before it? No, then this article will be interesting for you. Today we will tell you about American presidents and their favorite wine kinds, let us detect [...]

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Feb 05 2010

Wine Tales and Legends

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If you are passing through this site, then you are surely in the number of wine lovers. We all like this awesome drink and everybody of us has its own favorite kind of wine. But practically nobody can tell you how this wonderful drink was created. Of course we have official history of its invention, [...]

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