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Oct 30 2009

Rate the Wine?!

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We are used to ratings in our life and we have standards for mostly everything. At work we try to be in the upper stage of labor ladder so we work hard and get our scores. We like to know, who is number one music singer in different world’s charts, we watch Olympic Games and [...]

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Oct 23 2009

Fruit Wine Facts

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If we use a word “wine” we usually mean a drink which was made from variety sorts of grapes. But if we are talking about fruit wine, we must be ready for the fact that this beverage may be composed of many kinds of fruit but not from grapes. This is really original type of [...]

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Oct 16 2009

About wine and grapes in Canada

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Canada is known all over the world as a New World wine country. The reason it is not an Old World wine country is in specific climate of this region which at first created an opinion that grapes can’t grow there at all. But due to the right decisions of wise Canadian vintners now we [...]

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Oct 09 2009

Italian Wine Types

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Before we touch Italian wine labels, let’s discover how many and what are the most common kinds of wine that we use to drink and what are the main characteristics that explain the variety of wine. If we talk about color we know the basic three colors of this drink: white, red and rose. If [...]

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Oct 02 2009

Speaking about Italian wine regions…

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In the previous article we talked about Italian wine traditions – of how their wines get their names – now let’s see where they grow grapes for that amazing beverage and discover what are the noblest types of Italian wine. As we have said before Italy is an Old World wine country, so due to [...]

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