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Sep 25 2009

Opening the Door to the World of Italian Wines

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Combining wine with all kinds of food is a national feature of Italian people. They just can’t imagine how we can eat any meal without so delicious drink as wine? Italy is in the list of Old World wine countries cause for centuries of wine making history. But only in the last century Italian people [...]

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Sep 18 2009

It’s all about Meads

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From the time of Celtic nation to our time one amazing drink did not loose its popularity. If somebody speaks about the wine with a taste of honey believe him, because he is not lying, it really exists and the name of it is Meads. The other name of Meads is often mentioned in lyrics [...]

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Sep 11 2009

Classification system of Riesling Wine

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Riesling wine is traditionally made in Germany it is well known for incredible taste and also for very difficult label that contains large amount of words and transforms the process of choice in a huge puzzle. This article will help you to minimalize the process of identification about what they wanted to say by writing [...]

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Sep 04 2009

Riddle of the Wine Label

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No doubt that wine lovers know the brand they like to drink, but if you are a newbie in wine or simply want to try something very new you will certainly face to a choice of wine. Lucky you are if there will be an opportunity to taste it before purchasing otherwise you will have [...]

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